Announcing SPADC – Swift + App Development Conference 2016 in Cologne

When talking about Swift, I think we all agree: Swift is awesome. How awesome? Well, pretty, pretty awesome according to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, where it is number one when looking for the most loved languages of 2015. We have seen a lot of conferences like try! Swift or Swift Summit in the past in San Francisco or Tokyo, but there is none like that in Europe – until now.



Today I’m announcing SPADC in collaboration with my friends Vladimir Danila, Lennart Kerkvliet and Alexander Groß. SPADC stands for Swift + App Development Conference and is here to push Swift and Development forward in Europe. SPADC’16 will take place in the beautiful German city of Cologne on April 9 2016. We’re looking forward to celebrate the best in Software Development and Swift and to get all you developers connected. Thanks to Microsoft, our main sponsor, we are able to hold the event in their office in Cologne completely free of charge for attendees – including food and drinks.

Registration for SPADC will begin on February 8 2016 on, the official website of the conference. There you can also check out the schedule and the speakers. Keep in mind that were currently in the process of updating those all the time so check it out regularly. If you’re interested in attending as a speaker, take a look at

See you in Cologne!

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