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As many of you probably know, I’ve attended last year’s WWDC thanks to Apple’s WWDC Scholarship program. For those of you who don’t know: WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference and is a software development conference hosted by Apple, which takes place in June. Since then, people continuously ask me for tips about their application for this years conference. In this article, I’d like to answer the most asked ones.


How likely is it that I get selected for a Scholarship?

I have no clue how likely that is! Last year, more than two times the amount of places applied for a WWDC Scholarship. Since last year, the conference and the scholarship program went pretty viral. I assume there will be a huge amount of people applying which will make it way to harder to get in this year.


How should my Scholarship app look like? Should I already begin building it?

First of all: Apple has not announced WWDC2016 and/or the Scholarship program for this year yet. We have no clue, if both should become real, what Apple might want to receive from you. An app, a video or an essay? How should those be structured? This is why I tell everybody asking me about their Scholarship app, they should not start programming an app yet. Think about what you want to include and show in your app, but don’t start yet. Taking a look at a final app, you can easily differentiate between an app that has been done in 10 days (as it is intended to) or in 2 months. Starting early does not help at all, more time does not hide a lack of skill. In addition to that, starting early is against the rules and pretty unfair towards your co-applicants.


Where can I get more information about the Scholarship program?

Since WWDC16 is not officially announced yet, the only way you can get information about the Scholarship program is by taking a look on the WWDC15 website which can be found here. There you can find the Scholarships area, including the Guidelines and Terms for it.


How can I make sure Apple selects me for the Scholarship?

That’s a pretty easy one. You can’t. Make sure to show of your best work, what you are able to do, your motivation and your drive, those are some attributes Apple might be looking for.


How can I connect with other applicants?

Last year, a few other Scholarship winners and I built an app exactly for that purpose. It’s called WWDCScholars. You can find more information about it here. Also make sure to connect with us on Facebook and Slack, where we will be active all the time. Our Twitter account @WWDCScholars is also a great way to stay up to date, relive moments of last years conference and get in contact.


If you have any more ideas or questions I could add to the list, be sure to drop a comment down below or tweet me @Sam0711er !

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