My WWDC 2016 Status

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into this years’ WWDC Scholarship program. However, here are the instructions for this year’s winners.

Although I won the Scholarship last year, it was way harder to get into the Scholarship program this time. In addition to creating an app that needed to be better than last year, I also wrote six essays. Five of them consisting of exactly 500 words. And in addition to that, all of that happened within the exact same time frame as last year. That was a lot of work.


If you’re a Scholarship winner, be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter accounts of WWDCScholars to stay up to date regarding the Scholarship program and your travel to San Francisco. Also, I highly recommend to submit your information at to enter the public database of Scholarship winners and be able to connect with other Scholars from within the app. You can also connect with others in the Facebook group. To join it, submit a join request and send me a DM on Facebook containing a screenshot of your invitation letter. Use #WWDCScholars on social media.


Any questions left? Comment below, iMessage or Email me via!

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