Here you'll find a collection of my latest University projects

The Beach

With The Beach, we created a stop motion video of an algorithm which followed the following rules:
1. Draw a dot at a random position on the paper
2. After that, repeatedly draw dots in the middle of the biggest whitespace on the paper until you have the feeling that the beach is full.


Circles is a project in which we predefined a certain algorithm, executed that one in real life and then made a stop motion video out of it. Our algorithm consisted of drawing a dot at a random position of the paper. Then, we would use our self-programmed Apple Watch app to get a random number between 1 and 3 to determine the length of the circular path we would draw after that. Repeat this algorithm over and over again and you have our final outcome. Enjoy watching!


Clocks is a small project which shows the current time in an analog clock (left) and a linear clock (right). The upper bar in the linear clock represents seconds, the middle one minutes and the bottom one hours.

Clocks has been written in p5.js


Dots uses mathematical equations to calculate the density of dots on the path of the font and modifies it to create a cool effect in which the text becomes readable und unrecognizable in a fixed interval.

Dots has been written in p5.js

Movable Letters

Movable Letters continues what has begun with Dots and adds an interactive layer to it. Hover and circle over it with your mouse and experience how the font adapts to your mouse movements. Then, play around with the sliders below and you'll observe many different interpretations of the same content, all just through modifying two parameters.

Movable Letters has been written in p5.js

My Day

My Day is a data visualization project in which I summed up my daily activities and sorted them into a nice, well-structured and easy to read visualization. Notice that "free time" only refers to time where I'm not at my university. I usually use that time to work 😉