University Projects

I study Interaction Design at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd.

CHŪ – help for love (July 2019)

To create a dystopia related to dating in the future, we have decided to slip into the role of a company founded in 2025. Our Scenario Plays in 2040, in which the company introduces a revolutionary new technology that, in their eyes, should take love life to a new level. Find out more here.

OpenMoji 12.0 (July 2019)

I worked on the OpenMoji project, creating over 30 new emoji for the library and building the official OpenMoji iOS App. Find out more here.

ADAC Führerschein – Redesign (Feb 2019)

The "ADAC Führerschein" app is a digital helper for passing the German theoretical drivers test. Since the old app was super hard to use, we decided to create a new, simpler and better App. Built in collaboration with Noemi Roser and Lavinia Khalil.

amigOS (July 2018)

"amigOS" is a concept for an interactive gaming console system whose remote only features 7 buttons, contrary to the 15+ buttons most common gaming consoles have. It was created in the course "Interface Design" in collaboration with Joshua Boekle, Cilian Fealy and Bence Agoston.

Journey of a Jeans (July 2018)

"Journey of a Jeans" is an interactive experience that allows users to learn about the lifecycle of a pair of jeans. Created in the course "Interactive Communication Systems" in collaboration with Antonia Wagner and Florian Nagel.