Simple Counter - Count everything!

Do you frequently have to count things? Perhaps flowers in a garden, items on a shelf, people in a room, activity repetitions, or store inventory.

Simple Counter is the perfect tool and makes it easy to keep track of your count, even when there are distractions, or the total number of items you’re counting is high, or you have to keep track of a count over several hours or days.

Simple Counter is convenient and easy to use. It has simple, large controls and a custom label for the item you’re counting.


And, Simple Counter has Apple Watch and Notification Center support so you can adjust your count anywhere, anytime, without having to swipe to unlock your iPhone.

Simple Counter has a clean design, is built for iOS 8 and above, looks great on iPhone 6 and 6S, and is the perfect counter for many situations.

The Apple Watch Extension includes the Simple Counter Apple Watch app and a Simple Counter glance for checking your counter right from the watch face. To reset it, just press firmly on the display and then press "Reset".


Simple Counter is available in English, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Croatian, and many more languages.

You can download Simple Counter for the price of just $0,99 in the App Store.