agenZy: Managing Partner & Owner

Nov 2018 – Jan 2021

agenZy was the leading Generation Z marketing consulting firm in Germany. Our goal was to bridge the generational gap between well-established, more traditional organizations and younger audiences.

What set agenZy apart from others was a strong focus on a Design Thinking-guided consulting and campaign creation process. In every project, in-depth user research led to a strong understanding of the target audience, providing a solid baseline for finding a compelling way to tell our clients’ story.

I led and managed a small team of designers, coders, consultants and social media, and actively participated in customer-facing work projects. Clients included Daimler AG, Deutsche Bank and L-Bank.

We also used our influence for a few social causes. That’s why we supported Schwäbische Tafel, a nonprofit that collects unsold groceries from supermarkets and distributes them to people in need, with a pro bono campaign to attract more student helpers for their physical locations. We also organized a free grocery shopping service for the elderly at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 – another project that was driven by the urge to bridge the generational gap.