Linearity: Design, Product & Strategy Lead

Mar 2021 – now

At Linearity, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into a myriad of roles, and it’s been quite the journey so far. I’ve championed our product analytics, guiding our design team with data-driven insights—everything from PMF, CSAT, and NPS to direct feedback via user interviews. My hands have been in the thick of our Machine Learning & AI initiatives, and I’ve also steered the ship for our web/backend projects.

A highlight? Managing the transition as we rebranded from Vectornator to Linearity Curve. Beyond that, I’ve been fine-tuning our App Store presence, coordinating localization efforts across product and marketing, and leveraging the power of Braze for optimized marketing and tech solutions.

I’m currently overseeing our public beta program, nurturing our partner relationships, analyzing and strategizing around key KPIs, and continuously seeking avenues to elevate our product design standards. It’s an ongoing, dynamic experience, and I’m eager to see where we’ll head next.

Find more information on the Linearity website.